Budget & Salary/Compensation

  • Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Report
    School Year 2015-2016

Section: 1: Budget, Deficit Elimination Plan, Audit

1. Budgets

2. Deficit Elimination Plan

3. Audit:


Section 2:  Pie Chart Summary of 2011-2012

          Pie Chart Summary of 2012-2013

         Pie Chart Summary of 2013-2014

         Pie Chart Summary of 2014-2015

Section 3:  Section 3a and 3b:  List of Collective Bargaining Agreement and Health Care Plans.

         3a) Collective Bargaining Agreements:

         3b) Employer-Sponsor Health Care Plan

                   3c) Health Benefit Bids (PA 106)

Section 4:  Benefits and Salary of Superintendent and employees greater than $100,000

Section 5:   Annual Amount Spent on "Dues Paid to Organizations" 2014-2015 

  • Association Dues 2014-2015

    District Credit Card Information
    ​The District does not have district credit cards
    District Paid Out of State Travel Information
    Travel 2014-15  


    Section 6:   Annual Amount Spent on Lobbying - Not Applicable ($0)

    Section 7:     Misc

    Expense Reimbursement Policies
    Procurement Policy
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  •   Educator Evaluation Systems Postings and Assurances

    Teacher Evaluation Link

    Administrator and Superintendent Evaluation link